Air Fryer are the worth it

What is an Air Fryer and Are They Worth It to Make Palm Oil Free Foods?

Ah, fried food. It’s the ultimate comfort, and that’s why we like to eat everything from fried chicken to pastries. While most cuisines and cooking frequently require some shallow frying, it can be a little more complicated to try other types of frying.  For example, deep fat frying requires cooking the food in large quantities of extremely hot oil. That’s what gives deep fried food it’s consistently crispy texture. To do this at home, you … Read more

palm oil free candles

Candles Without Palm Oil | List of Palm Wax Free Candles

Palm oil is common in candles. Even when advertising leads you to believe the candle is made from soy or coconut, it will also often contain palm oil, hydrogenated palm oil and/or paraffin. Here we explain how to find palm oil free candles.  When you purchase a candle that is clearly labeled 100% soy wax, 100% beeswax, 100% coconut wax, etc., you will know exactly what it’s made from. Candles usually contain a blend of … Read more