chocolate cake recipe

Chocolate Cake Recipe Without Palm Oil

Most all cakes and desserts in stores contain palm oil. Cake mixes include palm oil plus many chemicals. The great news? It’s easy to make your own with this palm oil free chocolate cake recipe.  I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t love baking. However, I needed to learn to bake everything from scratch because my son has a palm oil allergy and intolerance. As we learned to live without palm oil, one of … Read more

vegan pantry foods

Vegan Pantry Staples Without Palm Oil

Some vegan foods such as shortening and vegan butter contain palm oil. While palm oil is plant-based, it contributes to deforestation as rainforests are cleared for palm oil plantations. This displaces animals by destroying their habitats. The great news is most vegan pantry staples are palm oil free. Just like having a refrigerator full of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s easier to eat healthy, palm oil free, cruelty-free, and vegan when you have the foods … Read more


Mokosh Interview About Certified Palm Oil Free Skincare Products

Here we are focusing on Mokosh, a skincare company that makes and certified all of their products Palm Oil Free. With a dedication to high-quality ingredients and transparency, Mokosh makes certified organic skincare products. We interviewed Mokosh founder and owner, Marion O’Leary. Learn about her passion for making exceptional products, and why making palm oil free skincare is so important to her. Mokosh’s entire range of skincare products are certified Palm Oil Free through Orangutan … Read more

palm oil free dog shampoo

Palm Oil Free Dog Shampoo All Certified Palm Oil Free

Considering palm oil is common in people shampoo, perhaps it’s no surprise it’s in dog shampoos as well. When you choose a palm oil free dog shampoo, you support animal welfare by not contributing to deforestation and habitat loss. Companies use palm oil because it’s inexpensive. Most all pet shampoos, even from brands you may think are natural and eco-friendly, still use palm oil. Watch for vague terms such as plant-derived and plant-based without the … Read more

palm oil free pet products

Pet Products Without Palm Oil | Certified Palm Oil Free Dog & Pet Care

Palm oil ingredients are common in pet products. Use this list of certified Palm Oil Free pet products before buying shampoo and washes for your canine, feline, and equine friends. Remember, the more ingredients something has, the greater likelihood it contains palm oil. This is the case whether it’s dog treats and biscuits or dog shampoos and washes. Many products for cats, dogs and other pets contain palm oil ingredients. With hundreds of names for … Read more