palm oil free shaving cream

Palm Oil Free Shaving ~ Shaving Cream Without Palm Oil

Updated: May 27th, 2020Thank you for being interested in palm oil free shaving cream and shaving lotion. Below are options for shaving without palm oil. Every shave cream, lotion, gel, and shaving butter you see in stores contains palm oil. When you see shaving cream advertising that it’s made with aloe, coconut, shea butter, mango, cocoa butter, etc., it still means there is palm oil in it. Choosing a shaving bar or a shaving soap … Read more

cosmetics without palm oil

Palm Oil Free Makeup ~ Cosmetics Without Palm Oil

Updated: May 7th, 2020Palm oil is prevalent in cosmetics. Here we discuss how to find palm oil free makeup. It’s important to know that palm oil ingredients are likely in every beauty product you see in stores. This includes eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, lip liner, powder, blush, foundation, and more. Please note, we saw several articles online that listed out palm oil free cosmetic companies. In each list, we found at least one company … Read more

palm oil common in foods now

Why Is Palm Oil in So Many Foods Now?

Updated: April 27th, 2020If you’ve read ingredient labels, you may be wondering why is palm oil in so many foods now. You are correct in thinking this wasn’t always the case. For most types of foods, palm oil was the exception rather than the rule. One example is Oreo cookies. This product stands out to me personally because this type of sandwich cookie is what first alerted us to my son’s palm oil allergy and … Read more

how to use less palm oil

How to Use Less Palm Oil Each Week ~ Reducing Palm Oil Demand

Updated: May 26th, 2020Here’s how to use less palm oil each week. Each day, most consumers use products that contain it. However, there are easy things you can do to reduce demand. You may be seeing “palm oil” on more labels than ever before. In the United States, much of the reason is the FDA banned companies from adding artificial trans fats to foods. In our household, we limit palm oil as much as possible. … Read more

items to make it easier to live palm oil free

Items to Make It Easier to Live Palm Oil Free with a Palm Oil Allergy / Intolerance

Updated: April 16th, 2020 Palm oil causes our son to have allergy-like symptoms. It literally makes him sick. To lessen our palm oil usage, we cook and bake from scratch. Below are items to make it easier to live palm oil free.   We use all of these items regularly.   We now buy more “real” foods. Overall, we choose products with as few ingredients as possible.   In addition, we don’t buy processed bakery … Read more