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About us:

We are parents dedicated to finding products without palm oil and palm oil derivatives. We are learning everything we can to live palm oil free.

In 2017, we learned palm oil ingredients make our son sick. His doctors, including several allergists, never heard of something like this. We couldn’t find anything online about it. 

We were upset. As we tracked foods he could eat, we were stunned to see how many products listed “palm oil” in the ingredients. Even when we avoided buying products with palm oil and palm kernel oil, he was still getting sick.

We didn’t know why until we learned that hundreds of ingredients are derived from palm oil. They don’t say “palm oil” but still contain it. An example is a cereal he ate with Tocopherols. Another was with Mono- & Diglycerides in ice cream. He became very sick from both of these foods. We later learned these ingredients were derived from palm oil. 

We logged everything he ate, kept notebooks of our research, saved all packages, contacted companies, and introduced new foods slowly.

When he still had some reactions, we looked at the self-care products and were also shocked at the prevalence of palm oil in toothpaste, shampoo, soap, lotion, sunscreen and more.

We were mad and upset. We didn’t think consumers knew how palm oil was in so many products.

Starting this website made us feel like we were “doing something” about it. In addition, we didn’t think our son could be the only one who had allergic reactions and sensitivities to palm oil. Maybe this information could help other people who experience symptoms from palm oil. We also learned many people avoid palm oil for environmental reasons. 

Find palm oil free products

In working to find foods and self-care products he can use, we continue to learn the:

We work hard to find products he can have safely.

It’s a lot better to focus on what you can have versus what you can’t, so we decided to start this website to help others do this as well.

Our mission:

Our website focuses on finding palm oil free foods, cleaners, and personal care products for dietary reasons and environmental reasons.

We update this site regularly. We reach out to each company to ensure their products are palm oil free. In addition, we take time to highlight and promote products that have taken steps to certify their products Palm Oil Free.

Also, we want to encourage consumers to buy more real, whole foods. Palm oil is common in processed and packaged foods.

Fruits and vegetables are palm oil free. If permitted in your diet, meats, seafood, and eggs are also palm oil free choices.

By cooking healthy meals at home and eating out less, we can avoid palm oil.

You can also use less palm oil by using less chemicals overall. Think about how many ingredients are in self-care products such as lotions, soaps, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.

We offer tips for living without palm oil.

To help consumers:

In our quest to go palm oil free, we decided to compile our research to make it easier for everyone to find and support palm oil free products and other options.

We hope that by highlighting palm oil derivatives common in products, we can help consumers choose the palm oil free option.

Also, when you are avoiding palm oil for environmental reasons or health reasons, it’s a challenge to find palm free products. We want to make it easier for everyone to find them.

To thank companies for making palm oil free products:

We are using this website as a platform to reach out to companies to thank them for making their products without palm oil and to encourage them to make more products without it.

We email each company to inquire about their products that seem to be made without palm oil, and we always try to get “higher up” than the customer service reps.

And because we are bloggers, we often get to reach more influential people working in the company.

Depending on the size of the company, often we can interact with the decision-makers, instead of customer service reps who are working to placate us consumers.

We want these decision-makers to know the palm oil issue is important, and that people are paying attention and making a difference with their buying dollars.

We also support Palm Oil Free labeling and highlight products who have earned Palm Oil Free certification.

Educating companies

Additionally, several times we educated employees at companies we contacted — even the managers, etc. — about palm oil derivatives in their products.

Many times, reps were quick to say a product didn’t contain palm oil or palm oil derivatives.

When we pressed further about certain ingredients, asking them to verify the source — such as the Glycerin, Cocogluoside, Glyceryl Caprylate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Stearate, etc. they use — oftentimes they checked with their product development team or suppliers and would apologize saying the ingredients are made from palm oil.

This happened multiple times.

To support palm oil free products and brands:

We believe it’s important for palm oil free products to be recognized positively online and on social media.

So many products contain palm oil. When companies take strides to use other ingredients other than palm oil and derivatives, we want to thank them.

By showcasing these brands and products without palm oil, we can let companies know consumers care about palm oil free products.

We also want to make it easy for consumers to support these products and brands so these companies will keep their brands palm oil free and make more of their products without palm oil.

Why we started this website:

We first became interested in palm oil’s prevalence in so many products because our son gets sick from products made with palm oil and palm oil derivatives.

When he eats or uses something with it, he experiences allergy-like symptoms, including cough, throat clearing, and congestion.

Other times he gets hives and/or a sore throat with congestion.

Other times he may have a combination of symptoms, may be sick for days or weeks, or become extremely lethargic with a change in mood. 

Since learning how palm oil adversely affects him, we work hard to completely eliminate it from his diet and personal care products. In so doing, we’ve learned to cook from scratch more often as well as bake everything from scratch.

We are working on finding safe commercial cleaning products. Right now, we make our own when we can.

about us productswithoutpalmoil
Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture

It has taken a long time to find safe, palm-free products for him.

We’ve compiled lists of what he eats and the personal care products he uses that are safe for him.

These are items we use which help us to live without palm oil

We have been successful after much online research, in-store research, communication with companies, and trial and error.

From several comments on our posts, (thank you, Readers!) we are learning how many people cannot tolerate palm oil. We’ve also had many people reach out via email.

It seems many people have symptoms from palm oil, palm kernel oil, and palm oil derivatives. Like us, they have found it very difficult to find palm oil free products, especially as more and more companies are using it.

With the massive environmental concerns and implications as well as the health concerns, we decided to create a website to help consumers find products without palm oil.

We are doing all we can to promote and support these products and brands without palm oil.


As we learned more about palm oil, we learned about the deforestation for new palm oil plantations.

Indonesia and Malaysia are two countries in which rainforests have been cleared for palm oil. These are the countries that produce the most palm oil.

Wildlife such as the Bornean orangutan, Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Sunda pangolin, Sumatran rhinoceros, Borneo pygmy elephant, and so many others who live in rainforests are displaced, killed, etc. because of deforestation for new palm oil plantations.

In addition, it affects indigenous people who live there.

Why it’s difficult to find palm oil free products

Palm oil goes by over 500 names in ingredients that aren’t immediately obvious. Most likely, you are using palm oil in everyday products and don’t even know it.

In the United States, over 50% of packaged foods contain palm oil.

In certain categories, it is difficult to find products free from palm oil. Therefore, some categories will only have a few products listed.

Also, demand for palm oil continues to increase. Some products that were recently free from palm oil, now contain it.

According to the New York Times, demand is supposed to triple by 2050.

Part of the reason for the increase is manufacturers now use palm oil  in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to ban trans fats from processed foods.

Palm oil is less expensive than other oils. More can grow per hectare of land than other oils.

Also, it’s an extremely versatile oil. Manufacturers are able to manipulate palm oil many different ways and use it in thousands of products.

What product categories contain palm oil:

Palm oil is prevalent in:

What we can all do:

With the goal of finding more palm oil free products, we can:

  1. Read ingredient labels, and choose palm oil free products.
  2. Learn other names for palm oil ingredients. Some common examples include:
    • Glycerin
    • Vitamin A Palmitate
    • Stearic Acid
    • Mono and Diglycerides
    • Tocopherol / Vitamin E
  3. Email companies directly and contact them on social media to thank them for making palm oil free products.
  4. Contact companies to tell them we want more products without palm oil.
  5. If you know of products without palm oil, please Comment below or send an email to us at editor@productswithoutpalmoil.com. We’d love to include them in an existing and/or new articles to highlight and support them.
  6. Vote with your dollars! Read labels, and only buy products free from palm oil.
  7. Buy unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables.
  8. Cook and bake from scratch.

We continue to update this site regularly.

Many manufacturers are replacing their ingredients with palm oil. Be sure to read each label carefully before you buy anything.

Thank you for supporting palm oil free

Together, we can let companies know what want more products without it.

Thank you so much for being interested and informed! We appreciate you reading about us and our reasons for creating this site.

We would love for you to Comment below with your interest and experiences. Do you avoid palm oil? Why?

Please know, we are working hard to only post palm oil free products and the products our son can safely have. However, our lists are not guaranteed; do your own due diligence.

Support Palm Oil Free certification labeling.

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