how to use less palm oil

How to Use Less Palm Oil Each Week | Reduce Palm Oil Demand

Here’s how to use less palm oil each week. Each day, most consumers use products that contain it. However, there are easy things you can do to reduce demand. You may be seeing “palm oil” on more labels than ever before. In the United States, much of the reason is the FDA banned companies from adding artificial trans fats to foods. In our household, we limit palm oil as much as possible. The main reason … Read more

items to make it easier to live palm oil free

Items to Make It Easier to Live Palm Oil Free

Palm oil causes our son to have allergy-like symptoms. It literally makes him sick. To lessen our palm oil usage, we cook and bake from scratch. Below are items to make it easier to live palm oil free.   We use all of these items regularly. We now buy more “real” foods. Overall, we choose products with as few ingredients as possible. In addition, we don’t buy processed bakery or pre-made desserts from stores because … Read more

personal care items with palm oil intolerance

Personal Care Items Our Son Uses With a Palm Oil Intolerance

Palm oil is prevalent in personal care items such as soap, shampoo, lip balm, etc. Palm oil makes our son sick. This is a list of the personal care items he uses in order to stay healthy and live palm oil free. Palm oil is common in processed foods as well as in non-foods. When we first made the connection that palm oil was causing him to have allergy symptoms, we started logging what he … Read more

eating without palm oil list

Eating Without Palm Oil | List of Foods With Palm Oil Intolerance

My son gets sick from palm oil. Many times, people ask us what he can have. We created this eating without palm oil list specific to my son. These are the foods he likes and eats safely. This is a list of foods he can safely have. We created this site to help others who might have a palm oil intolerance, palm oil sensitivity, or palm oil allergy. As we learned more about palm oil, … Read more

is palm oil healthy

Palm Oil Health | Issues & Benefits

There are many consumers who avoid palm oil for health reasons. This may include dietary or allergen concerns. Yet the question remains, is palm oil good or bad for you? While environmental concerns may still be a leading reason people avoid palm oil, there is a growing segment who seek alternatives because they experience reactions from it. Others may be concerned about palm oil’s saturated fat content. What are palm oil health dangers? Are there … Read more