is palm oil healthy

Palm Oil Health ~ Palm Oil Health Issues & Benefits

There are many consumers who avoid palm oil for health reasons. This may include dietary or allergen concerns. Yet the question remains, is palm oil good or bad for you? While environmental concerns may still be a leading reason people avoid palm oil, there is a growing segment who seek alternatives because they experience reactions from it. Others may be concerned about palm oil’s saturated fat content. What are palm oil health dangers? Are there … Read more

finding palm oil free valentine's candy

Holiday Candy Without Palm Oil ~ Palm Oil Free Holiday Candy

Please read labels before buying — don’t just toss candy in your cart. Here’s how to find Valentine’s Day candy without palm oil. Did you know palm oil ingredients are in all types of candies? Most don’t include “palm” in the name.  Lots more info below, but quickly, in the United States: Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars are fine if you are avoiding palm oil. You can also find original Reese’s Peanut … Read more

palm oil free breakfast

Breakfast Without Palm Oil ~ List of Palm Oil Free Breakfast Foods

You can start your day with a breakfast without palm oil if you know what to watch for. Below we discuss common breakfast foods, which ones contain palm oil, and some easy palm oil free substitutions. Sometimes you have time for a homemade breakfast and sometimes you need to grab and go. Here are choices for palm oil free breakfasts. Most of us have palm oil in the morning without even realizing it. Breakfast without … Read more

why is palm oil bad

Why Is Palm Oil Bad? What’s the Problem with Palm Oil?

You may be wondering why palm oil is bad. What’s the problem with palm oil? Why are people upset about it? Is palm oil bad for the earth, animals, and people? Is it bad for your health? For most people, the issue lies with deforestation. Where there were once lush rainforests, now there are palm oil plantations.  Deforestation is the reason palm oil is a global concern. Companies use it in thousands of products. Palm … Read more

palm oil free lotion

Lotion Without Palm Oil ~ List of Palm Oil Free Moisturizer

Palm oil is common in lotions, creams and moisturizers because it’s inexpensive and versatile. Companies use it as a preservative. It also works as an emollient to soften the skin. Here’s a list of lotion without palm oil. Read labels, and choose lotions with the least amount of ingredients to lessen your chance of palm oil. There are many ways companies disguise palm oil in self-care products. Palm oil free skin care We became aware … Read more