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When you learn the ways companies use palm oil, it makes it easier to avoid it. Use this site as a resource to learn about palm oil uses.

Palm oil is inexpensive. It is less expensive to grow than other oils. In addition, it is versatile. It works in processed foods, self-care products, and cleaning products.

In addition to reading labels before buying, it’s helpful to learn about palm oil uses.

When you learn how companies use it and more about palm oil products, it becomes easier to find replacements.

Palm oil uses in foods

In foods, companies use palm oil in many ways.

One way is to thicken foods and to create mouthfeel. Manufacturers use it to replace “real” ingredients. Examples include canned frosting, ice cream, and chocolate.

In addition, it helps extend the shelf-life of foods. It works to keep foods crispy or moist. It helps ingredients combine.

Companies use palm oil for candy pieces as well as medicines to help keep them from sticking to the machines.

There are many other uses in foods as well.

Palm oil uses in self-care items

Palm oil is common in all self-care products. Companies use it in hundreds of ways in all types of products.

In items such as soaps, shampoos, and conditioners, manufacturers use palm oil as a surfactant.

In these and other self-care products, palm oil derivatives help water and oils combine. It also helps create lather and foam.

In liquid products, such as shampoos, liquid soap, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and toothpaste, etc., it extends the shelf-life.

In products like solid deodorant, lip sticks, bar soaps, it helps products stay together.

There are typically several palm oil ingredients in self-care products and cleaning products, that do several different things.

Palm oil uses in cleaning products

In cleaning products, companies use it as a surfactant and to help ingredients combine.

In some products, companies use it to create suds. Alternatively, in other products — such as dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent — companies use palm oil as an anti-sudsing agent.

Many uses

Learn more about the palm oil uses on our website. The more you understand how manufacturers use it and companies hide it, the more you can work to find palm oil free alternatives.

It’s a controversial oil due to deforestation. Learn what’s the problem with palm oil.