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Once you know what you are looking for, finding products without palm oil is easier than you might think.

We have several posts which discuss everything from the hundreds of names for palm oil derivatives, products that contain palm oil, and why palm oil is in so many foods now.

When you know the palm oil uses, it makes it a lot easier to avoid it.

Finding products without palm oil

We educate about common palm oil derivatives in each product category we discuss. In addition, we offer easy tips to find palm oil free products as well as how to use less palm oil to lessen demand.

Consumers want to find palm oil free products for many reasons

People avoid palm oil for many reasons. Palm oil is common in processed foods. Consumers who want to eat more real foods may want to learn how to choose these types of foods over packaged and processed foods.

In addition, many consumers avoid palm oil for environmental reasons. These consumers may also look for sustainable ingredients, want to buy local, and seek out plastic-free, biodegradable packaging.

Others avoid palm oil for health concerns and dietary restrictions. Learn about palm oil allergy / intolerance  and more.

If you want to find products without palm oil, we will help you!