broccoli with orange ginger butter

Broccoli with Orange Ginger Butter

Broccoli with orange ginger butter starts with all fresh ingredients, so you know just what is going on your plate. If you are having trouble getting the kids to eat their veggies, this neat spin on broccoli just might win them over. If you find the ginger to be too overpowering, you can use ground ginger instead or just cut back on the ginger a little. You can steam or boil the broccoli. However, you … Read more

breakfast frittata muffins

Easy Breakfast Frittata Muffins to Start Your Day

The best thing about these breakfast frittata muffins is that you can make them your own. Roast some Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli or try a Thai-inspired veggie mix – or just go with the recipe as is.  Who doesn’t love a breakfast frittata? They are so delicious, and you can add whatever ingredients you like. And even better than a delectable frittata is portable frittatas. You combine all the ingredients and cook them in … Read more


Kolacky Recipe ~ Easy to Make from Scratch

The Eastern European cookie, kolacky, kolaczi or kolache, is an easy cookie to make. I forgot all about this recipe until speaking with my mother on the morning of July 4th. Living so far from family, I was missing out on holiday festivities. She mentioned she was bringing her beloved kolacky recipe to a party that day.  My grandmother made kolacky with poppy seed, prune, apricot and strawberry fillings. As a kid, I remember liking … Read more

White Bean and Pasta Soup to Warm Your Home

White bean and pasta soup is a cozy soup for a cool day or a quick weekday dinner. You can use white beans that you’ve cooked, canned beans, or leftover beans. Use what’s convenient.  What’s really nice about this bean soup recipe is that it’s versatile. Toss in a handful or two of spinach when you add the pasta. Add cooked rice or quinoa instead of pasta. If you want to make it lower-carb, omit … Read more

scalloped sweet potatoes recipe

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes are Easy to Make

This is an old-fashioned dish that’s fantastic for a holiday meal but still simple enough to make for Sunday dinner. Scalloped sweet potatoes, with the sweetness of the potatoes and brown sugar, combined with the cinnamon and nutmeg, is absolutely delightful! My goal with this site is to show how you can make palm oil free foods at home. Because of this, I recommend using real butter instead of vegan butter substitutes which typically contain … Read more