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Our son has reactions to palm oil. If he has even a trace of it in food, he has a reaction. Sometimes, he gets very sick. We consider him to have a palm oil allergy or intolerance.

When he uses soap, toothpaste, or other self-care items with it, he gets a sore throat, mouth sores, hives, etc.

His reactions to palm oil depend on the palm oil ingredient or palm oil derivative.

We consider him to have a palm oil allergy or intolerance. For certain, he has a palm oil sensitivity.

We discuss his symptoms and reactions in Palm Oil Allergy? Intolerance? Can You Be Allergic to Palm Oil?

Sick from palm oil

After we finally figured out it was palm oil that was making our son sick, we learned more about palm oil, including the hundreds of names for palm oil derivatives and the many palm oil uses.

We were stunned it was in so many foods and self-care products. Many times, we unknowingly were giving him products with palm oil, not realizing they were making him sick. This includes medicine as well. It was difficult to find safe products he could use.

We started keeping a log of everything he ate. We also tracked safe foods he could have as well as products and ingredients that were making him sick.

While we kept researching to learn how to avoid palm oil to keep our son healthy, we also learned about the environmental impact.

With these two things in mind, we started this site to help people learn the ways companies hide palm oil in products and which palm oil free products to choose.

We didn’t think our son could be the only one has reactions from palm oil, palm kernel oil, and palm oil derivatives. We thought a palm oil allergy or intolerance might be more common being it’s in so many foods now.

This has become a place we can share our research with others who avoid palm oil for dietary reasons, health, or environmental reasons. In addition, we want to help increase demand for palm oil free foods, self-care products, and cleaning products.

We use this site to encourage companies to make palm oil free products by featuring them on this site. We educate companies that some people get sick from palm oil and tell them that certifying their products as Palm Oil Free is a competitive advantage.

Palm oil allergy or intolerance

While it’s not medically-recognized, we know our son is not alone in having allergic reactions and other issues from palm oil.

We’ve heard from many people who think they have a palm oil sensitivity, allergy or intolerance.

They’ve told us about their symptoms from palm oil. These range from congestion, sore throats, and throat closing. Others are hives, brain fog/disorientation, and more.

Many readers have written to say they have stomach cramps and pains when they have palm oil or palm kernel oil.

See what our son eats with a palm oil intolerance and the personal care items he uses. We use these items to make it easier to live palm oil free.