palm oil free shaving cream

Palm Oil Free Shaving | Shaving Cream Without Palm Oil

Thank you for being interested in palm oil free shaving cream and shaving lotion. Below are options for shaving without palm oil. Every shave cream, lotion, gel, and shaving butter you see in stores contains palm oil. When you see shaving cream advertising that it’s made with aloe, coconut, shea butter, mango, cocoa butter, etc., it still means there is palm oil in it. Choosing a shaving bar or a shaving soap will lessen the … Read more

cosmetics without palm oil

Palm Oil Free Makeup | Cosmetics Without Palm Oil

Palm oil is prevalent in cosmetics. Here we discuss how to find palm oil free makeup. It’s important to know that palm oil ingredients are likely in every beauty product you see in stores. This includes eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, lip liner, powder, blush, foundation, and more. Please note, we saw several articles online that listed out palm oil free cosmetic companies. In each list, we found at least one company whose products likely … Read more

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Personal Care Items Our Son Uses With a Palm Oil Intolerance

Palm oil is prevalent in personal care items such as soap, shampoo, lip balm, etc. Palm oil makes our son sick. This is a list of the personal care items he uses in order to stay healthy and live palm oil free. Palm oil is common in processed foods as well as in non-foods. When we first made the connection that palm oil was causing him to have allergy symptoms, we started logging what he … Read more

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Lotion Without Palm Oil | List of Palm Oil Free Moisturizer

Palm oil is common in lotions, creams and moisturizers because it’s inexpensive and versatile. Companies use it as a preservative. It also works as an emollient to soften the skin. Here’s a list of lotion without palm oil. Read labels, and choose lotions with the least amount of ingredients to lessen your chance of palm oil. There are many ways companies disguise palm oil in self-care products. Palm oil free skin care We became aware … Read more

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Sunscreen Without Palm Oil | List of Palm Oil Free Sunscreen

When you look for sunscreen without palm oil, you typically won’t see ‘palm oil’ in the ingredients. Most are in the form of palm oil derivatives. Sunscreen lotions, creams, balms and sprays typically contain palm oil in some form. Here are some common ways palm oil may be hiding in your sunscreen — even in healthy-seeming labels or more expensive brands: Calcium Stearate Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Capryl Glycol Caprylyl Glycol Cetearyl Alcohol Cocoglucoside Glycerin Glyceryl Caprylate … Read more