Costco food without palm oil

Costco Foods Without Palm Oil | Here’s What We Buy

Costco helps us to eat healthy. We’re also able to buy organic foods more affordably. There are many Costco foods without palm oil. This isn’t supposed to be an advertisement for Costco. It’s to explain ways to eat healthy at home to avoid palm oil and processed foods.  Why do we avoid palm oil? My son gets very sick from palm oil ingredients. To be in solidarity with him and because of the environmental issues … Read more

How to Make Canned Frosting Better Without Palm Oil

How to Make Canned Frosting Better | Without More Palm Oil

There are ways to improve canned frosting to make it better. Here we explain frosting add-ins without palm oil.  It’s natural to wonder how to make canned frosting better and ways to improve canned frosting. Why? Because store-bought frosting contains chemicals and palm oil. While it’s convenient, it doesn’t taste as good as homemade.  Below are ways to make canned frosting better without using more palm oil. Next time, make frosting from scratch with this … Read more

easy frosting recipe without palm oil

Easy Frosting Recipe Without Palm Oil

Every can of frosting you see on grocery store shelves contains palm oil plus many more ingredients. Instead, use this easy frosting recipe without palm oil. It takes just five minutes. You may already know that most all of the pre-made desserts in grocery store bakeries contain palm oil. This is especially true of desserts with frosting. If you are someone who for years has been buying frosting in a can, or someone who never … Read more

palm oil free easy white bean salad recipe

So Easy White Bean Salad Recipe Without Palm Oil

You can make this easy white bean salad recipe in five minutes. Sometimes we eat it as a main meal and sometimes as a side. Since giving up palm oil, we eat simple, real foods for meals.  This is a quick white bean salad recipe that you can modify based on what you have. Beans are a shelf-stable pantry item and easy to have on hand. We usually buy a variety of canned beans. We … Read more

why is palm oil common in foods

Why Is Palm Oil in So Many Foods Now?

If you’ve read ingredient labels, you may be wondering why is palm oil in so many foods now. You are correct in thinking this wasn’t always the case. For most types of foods, palm oil was the exception rather than the rule. One example is Oreo cookies. This product stands out to me personally because this type of sandwich cookie is what first alerted us to my son’s palm oil allergy and intolerance. We noticed … Read more