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We have lists of palm oil free foods to consider. In addition, we teach how to read labels so you can find food without palm oil.

There are hundreds of names for palm oil derivatives, so even if you don’t see palm oil in the ingredients list, the food can still contain it.

If you are looking for food without palm oil, choosing fresh, unprocessed foods is best.

By choosing foods with peels and skins instead of plastic and cardboard, you will eat healthier, avoid chemicals, and avoid palm oil.

Eating clean means you won’t encounter palm oil.

Food without palm oil

Palm oil has become a leading alternative for companies who once added artificial trans fats to their foods.

It has many appealing attributes to manufacturers. In addition to being inexpensive, it does a lot in packaged and processed foods.

Companies add it to help extend the shelf-life of foods. It keeps foods crispy and crunchy.

It adds to mouthfeel — instead of using “real” ingredients — companies use palm oil instead to mimic those qualities. Palm oil remains semi-solid at room temperature unlike other oils (except coconut) which are liquid. Examples are in peanut butter, chocolate, ice cream, and in desserts. Think of canned frosting. Instead of butter in buttercream frosting, companies use palm oil.

Because companies use palm oil so often in foods, it’s best to choose real, whole foods. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, oats, rice, and other plant-based foods without ingredients. Meat, eggs, and solid cheese are also choices.

The more processed something is, the more likely it is to contain palm oil.

Use our lists of foods without palm oil to help you choose the brands and products that are likely to be palm oil free. We also showcase foods that have earned Palm Oil Free certification.